‘always’ ~ Natural Sounds Healing Meditation ~ CD Album


Listen to a full hour’s healing meditation… resounding with the sounds of…

the power of the ocean waves, the call of the seabirds, the gentle rain, the rising of the tide, the nestling of the forest birds…

For deep relaxation to assist with symptoms of stress, anxiety, emotional angst, worry, energy blockages, headaches, migraines, restlessness, insomnia… recovering from surgery, trauma, hospitalisation, grief, sadness… Playing the soundtrack helps to calm unsettled teething babies….
just by listening…



Natural pure sounds have been interwoven harmoniously into one complete meditative soundtrack.

Relax deeply into a one hour’s meditation as you are carried upon a sound journey of Norfolk’s own primeval rhythm and heartbeat.

You will hear…

  • White fairy terns nestle in the St Barnabas pines at dusk
  • Black-winged petrels echo the northernmost cliffs of Norfolk Island
  • Raindrops pitter patter on a tin roof
  • Evening thunder rumbles out in the far distant Pacific Ocean
  • Heavy rain pounding and pouring down, cleansing all surrounds
  • Whistling and warbling forest birds at Mount Bates
  • Delicate fantail birds sing their melodious songs
  • Emily Bay’s gentle waves lap the shore before rising to high tide
  • The power of the ocean rolls Cascade basalt rocks like marbles
  • 100 acre noddys and terns soar in majestic pine trees
  • Tropic birds call & circle clifftops to the pulse of the ocean
  • Darkness falls to the sound of the Norfolk’s night orchestra
    silence… the pause in nature’s symphony