'always' natural sounds healing meditation

Listen to the sound of nature on Norfolk Island…

…the power of the ocean waves, the call of the seabirds, the gentle rain, the rising of the tide, the nestling of the forest birds…

Raw field recordings capturing the soundscape of Norfolk Island, have been interwoven harmoniously into one complete meditative soundtrack of 55 minutes.


The harmony of Norfolk’s heartbeat…

  • White fairy terns nestle in the St Barnabas pines at dusk
  • Black-winged petrels echo the northernmost cliffs of Norfolk Island
  • Raindrops pitter patter on a tin roof
  • Evening thunder rumbles out in the far distant Pacific Ocean
  • Rain pouring cleansing all the surrounds
  • Whistling and warbling forest birds at Mount Bates
  • Delicate fantail birds sing their melodious songs
  • Emily Bay’s gentle waves lap the shore before rising to high tide
  • The power of ocean rolls Cascade basalt rocks like marbles
  • 100 acre noddys and terns soar in majestic pine trees
  • Tropic birds call & circle the clifftops to the pulse of the ocean
  • Darkness falls to the sound of the Norfolk’s night orchestra

silence… the pause in nature’s symphony.


For deep relaxation…

to assist with symptoms of stress, anxiety, emotional angst, worry, energy blockages, migraines, restlessness, insomnia…
to assist with recovering from surgery, trauma, hospitalisation, grief, sadness,
to help calm unsettled teething babies….

just by listening…

How to listen to this meditation…

Find a quiet space; sit or lay comfortably and cover yourself with a light blanket to keep your body warm.

Close the door and turn off any mobiles, alarms or other noises.

Create a silent sanctuary for one hour.

Ask your family or friends to respect this quiet time for your own deep relaxation.

Press play… allow your breath to follow the natural sounds of bird calls, rain pattering, ocean surging…and more… as they are interwoven harmoniously.

Place your hands on your solar plexus and just breathe.

If your thoughts begin to ‘monkey-chatter’, don’t attach to them, just surrender, let them go.

Bring your attention back to your breath.

Breathe deeply and allow the natural sounds to be absorbed into your own body rhythm.

Watch a short film clip sharing the 'always' meditative soundtrack...